Our History

Our architectural journey began 35 years ago communicating designs with hand drawings, sketches and cardboard models.  Over time this same journey communicates our same design principles more effectively through 3D virtual design modeling.  These 3D models not only clearly communicate the project’s design, but it also simultaneously coordinates design changes with the construction drawings.  When these models are imported into environmental programs, energy efficiency is measured, solar angles studied and other sustainable goals measured.  Material lists and cost models extracted from the he models aid clients with immediate facts necessary for making financial decisions.   

Clients find this virtual design process most effective to assure their understanding of their projects and clearly communicate the design to builders and contractors.  Developer and institutions find our virtual 3D design modeling essential to communicating their projects to potential customers and donors for raising fund for their projects.

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Projects included a new City in Saudi Arabia, Corporate Headquarters, Worship Centers, Churches, Hi-rise Interiors, Private Residences, Restaurants, Town Homes and Hospitals.  The range of services includes design programming, master land planning, commercial and residential design.  Projects include new buildings, additions and renovations.  Many projects published in magazines and books validate our professional expert experience.

R Michael Lee, registered architect

    Ensuring our principle to harmonize with the natural environment, we utilize BIM design models for both new construction and renovation projects.  These interactive models respond and interact with the virtual environment simulating the existing conditions.  these models effectively communicate the design to our clients through images and video tours..........

    "3D Green Planet Architects create sustainable green environments utilizing 3D architectural design in Houston and east texas for 3D rESIDENTIAL design and 3D COMMERCIAL design."


    Lee Residence, Usonian Mid Century Renovation, Kirkwood, Missouri great room 3DGreenPlanetArchitects.com
    Cunningham Residence, Flatona, Texas 3DGreenPlanetArchitects.com
    West University Place 3DGreenPlanetArchitects.com interiors
    West University Place 3DGreenPlanetArchitects.com interiors
    East Texas Country House, 3DGreenPlanetArchitects.com
    3DGreenPlanetArchitects.com timbered great room

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    Lee Residence, House in Flood Plain, Crestwood , Missouri 3DGreenPlanetArchitects.com
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